Universal Configured Soft Starter in NEMA 4 / 12 Enclosure

Full Featured - Compact Soft Starter
VMX-agility™ has been developed to exceed the exacting demands of industrial automation motor control clients. agility™ delivers stable start and stop ramps for smooth, efficient performance. One standard frame size covers all typical applications from 3–350 HP at 200-600 VAC.

Motor Overload Protection
Protecting the motor and soft starter in the event of an overload condition at full I²t motor overload with intelligent thermal memory retention feature. Continually monitoring overloads to ascertain the reduction in motor heating levels even when VMX-agility™ is in the ‘off’ state. This is combined with protection and diagnostics giving the operator peace of mind while running the motor.

Event Logging
VMX-agility™ life event logging is a unique feature that records the last 1600 events to enable fast accurate fault analysis and their resolution. Recording multiple activities including start, stop, top of ramp, faults, application parameters (time, overload level, currents, frequency) and the device information. Event log can be downloaded via USB port or via the VMX-agility commisioning software.

Soft Stopping
Eliminate Water Hammer with Soft Stop Control. A gradual reduction in the output torque of your pump motor is provided when a stop signal is initiated. Check valves close gently and other fluid system components are no longer subjected to the shock and destructive potential of water hammer.

AC Supply Voltage: 208 - 600 Vac

HP Ratings: 7.5 to 350 HP

Amp Ratings: 27 to 414 Amps

Bypass: Integrated

Enclosure: NEMA 4/12

Circuit Breaker: 77A and up

Disconnect: 27 - 65A

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Command Center
The Command Center Interface allows for basic Functionality and Diagnostics.

Command Center Functionality

Illuminated E-STOP Pushbutton
Start/Stop Pushbutton and
Local/Off/Remote Selector
Fault Light

    Line Voltage Range
    200 to 600 VAC, 3 phase +10% -15% on all units,

    Current Ratings
    17 - 361A depending on unit selection

    Control Voltage
    Standard 24VDC
    Optional 110/230VAC

    Standard on all units

    Full motor overload with Memory
    Standard Trip Class 10, 20, 30
    5 starts per hour (40 with Fan Option)

    IP20/NEMA Class 1 (*with finger guard fitted)

    3S technology
    Automatic ramp control profiles ensure smooth start and stop performance, delivering stable acceleration and deceleration in all operating conditions.

    - 2 digital inputs (1 Programmanble)
    - USB port for data logging and parameter setting/saving

    Full Automatic Setup

    Data Logging
    Comprehensive data logging with software
    Real-time clock


    Select from 6 Languages

    Modbus RTU Standard