Motor Starting System with totally safe main enclosure

The New Standard of Safety for Electricians
The VMX S.A.F.E. Series is the ultimate product in the market today for Low Voltage Control which allows a Service Engineer / Electrician to do the job safely with minimum PPE.

S.A.F.E Voltage Compartments
The S.A.F.E control has a low-voltage compartment which has limited energy 120 Vac signals available. All the control logic is in the isolated Low Voltage compartment along with a three phase 120 Vac test point for the primary voltage sensing and measuring. All keypads, meters, lights, relays and control logic are available in the low-voltage compartment. No need to open the high-voltage compartment to check control logic and status.

The 65 kA breaker at 480 Vac and surge device are located inside the side enclosure for safety. S.A.F.E. has a LED live voltage indicator connected to the output of the main breaker. The visual voltage indication would guarantee the breaker is open and no voltage is present before entering the larger Soft Start enclosure.

The service engineer or electrician can safely enter the large enclosure knowing that no voltage is present and limited PPE is required. An isolation contactor is standard on all S.A.F.E. units so when the motor is off no voltage will be present on the motor leads. Safe for anyone working on the motor, equipment or soft starter control enclosure. Visual live line indication ensures the safety for all Service engineers and Electricians during lockout / tag out procedures.

S.A.F.E. Protection Features
All S.A.F.E. units come with flanged mount lockable breaker which interlocks with both the side safety breaker box and the main soft start enclosure. The VMX S.A.F.E. Series also comes with redundant motor protection. Should the customer need a little extra torque and want to start the motor across the line the contactor and a full digital redundant motor protective relay (Rx Series) is available to protect the motor while performing an across the line start without the Soft Starter. Option NEMA contactors are also available for long life. Both the Soft Start VMX and the Rx relay utilize true thermal modeling to ensure optimal motor protection and performance. When safety, long life and reliability is key and only the best will do --- choose -- S.A.F.E. Series the ultimate protection for Engineers / Electricians and Equipment.

AC Supply Voltage: 208 - 690 Vac

HP Ratings: 7.5 to 1000 HP

Amp Ratings: 25 to 1080 Amps

Overload: 500% for 60 sec.

Enclosure: NEMA 4/IP67

Starting Method: Adjustable 6 SCR based voltage/current ramping with Full Size SCR Bypass and switch for Full Voltage D.O.L. start with overload.

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Msmart Touch Screen (optional)
Intelligent Touch Screen Interface offers one interface for Multiple Meters, Relays and Starters..

Msmart Functionality

Touch-free and gloved interaction even in harsh environmen
Motion sensing wake-up and capacitive screen overla
Select from Multiple Metering Pag
PN: Msmart-012718 Easy page driven programming for faster set-up adjustmen
Quickly view system status with a single touch without the need to look at multiple meters and keypad
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    Motor Protection Features

    Retentive Thermal Memory
    Remembers the thermal condition of the motor even if control power is lost. Thermal Register is adjusted for Off-Time when power is resumed.

    Learned Dynamic Reset
    Overload Trip will not reset unless motor has regained enough thermal capacity based on learned motor starting profiles.

    Phase Loss/Sequence Protection
    Trips on any phase under 20% of Voltage. Sequence selectable A-B-C, C-A-B or Off.

    Over Voltage Trip
    Any phase voltage over trip level Of or 1-10% of set voltage, w/1-20 sec. delay.

    Load Monitor (True Motor Power)
    Under or Over kW trip or alarm Off, or 20-100% motor kW, w/1-20 sec. delay.

    Equipment Ground Fault Protection
    Electronic Residual current protection method, no additional CTs needed Setting: Off, 5-90% of CT w/1-60 sec. delay.

    Starts-per-Hour Lockout
    Programmable maximum starts-per-hour to prevent exceeding motor limits. Setting: Off or 0-10 start / Hr.

    Programmable Service Factor
    Service Factor setting automatically adjusts other settings to compensate. Adjustment Range: 1.0-1.15 SF.

    Over-Current Trip
    Electronic Shear-Pin / Shock Relay Setting: Off or 50-300% FLA w/1-20 sec. dela.y

    Under Voltage Trip on Startup
    Off, or 1-30% of set voltage 1-180 second startup time.

    Power Factor Monitor
    Leading or Lagging PF, trip or alarm Off, or 0.01-1.00, lead or Lag w/1-20 sec. delay.

    Short Circuit / Shorted Load
    Peak Current quick trip (electronic fuse) Trip level: Off or 800-1400% FLA, with .1-.5 sec. delay.

    Minimum Time Between Starts
    Used with or without Start-per-Hour protection to prevent short cycling of motor Setting: Off or 1-60 minutes between starts.

    Dual Overload Curve Settings for RV start
    Start Curve can be set to Class 5-30 Run Curve can be set to Class 5-30 Automatic Full Speed detection and change over.

    Current Imbalance Protection
    Provides monitoring of phase-to-phase current levels and trips if imbalance exceeds setting. Setting: Off or 1-30% FLA w/1-20 sec. delay.

    Under-Current Trip
    Load-Loss /Loss of Prime protection Setting: Of or 10-90% FLA w/1-60 sec. delay.

    Under Voltage Trip at Full Speed
    Off, or 1-30% of set voltage 1-20 second trip delay.

    Coast-Down Timer
    Back Spin or Anti-Wind Milling protection Prevents Restart after Stop Command Time Setting: Off or 1-60 min.

    Restart Delay Timer
    Programmable delay for restarting after a power failure for use in multiple installations. Setting: 0-999 sec.