TE-RTD12 Motor RTD Monitor / Relay Device



12 built-in RTD Inputs

2 Isolated Digital Inputs (4-20mA)

3 Programmable Form-C Output Relays

2 Isolated Analog Inputs (4-20mA)

Differential Current Feedback Monitoring

RS485 MODBUS-RTU Communication


The TE-RTD12 Relay device adds advanced RTD (Resistor Temperature Detector) and differential current monitoring capability to your new or existing motor system. The TE-RTD12 Relay device offers 12 built-in RTD inputs, 3 programmable output relays (5A), 2 isolated analog inputs (4-20mA), 1 isolated analog output (4-20mA), 3 isolated digital inputs, and differential current feedback monitoring.

Additionally, an RS485 (2 wire) communication port is available for use with a master device (PLC / SCADA / Operator Interface) for the purpose of programming and/or monitoring.

Programmable relay outputs are provided that can be configured for a system function or for use as a global Alarm or Trip based on temperature readout, which can be entered in ºC or ºF.

A built-in event recorder stores fault history of past events with data points including Alarm / Trip Code, Current / Temperature value, Analog input value and Date / Time Stamp.

The TE-RTD12 Relay device can be mounted on a back panel using the mounting bracket or DIN-Rail mount.


RTD Inputs

Bullet Programmable Alarm Temperature for each RTD in ºC or ºF

Bullet RTD Type: 100 Ohm Pt, 10 Ohm Cu, 100/120 Ohm Ni

BulletDescription Selection

Digital Inputs (3 Isolated)

Bullet Programmable Time Delay

Bullet Normally Open and Normally Closed Selection

Digital Outputs (3 Relay Form C)

Bullet Selectable Function (19)

Bullet Latched and Unlatched Selection

Analog Inputs 4 - 20mA (2 Isolated)

Bullet User Scaling

Bullet Selectable Function: User, Oscillation, Airflow, Speed, Pressure

Bullet Programmable Trip Level

Analog Output 4 - 20mA (1 Isolated)

Bullet User Scaling

Bullet Selectable Function (6)

Differential CT Feedback Monitoring

Bullet Programmable Differential CT Alarm Level

Bullet Programmable Differential CT Trip Level

Bullet Programmable Delay Time

Fault History / Event Log

Bullet Fault History and Event Log (up to 447 Events)

Bullet Real-time Clock