MMTS Series - Motor Test Stand


AC Supply Voltage
200 to 600 Vac

HP Ratings

10 to 500 HP

(39 to 600 Amps)



Soft Start / Across the Line Selector Switch
Local / Off / Pendant Selector Switch
Emergency Stop Button
Start / Stop Push buttons (Local & Pendant)


Power on Light Start Light
Running Light
Trip Light
Start Warning Buzzer
Start Light
Pendant Light
X-Line Light


Ethernet Modbus TCP
USB Port for Commisioning (MLink)

Acceleration Adjustments Ramp types

Voltage ramp or current ramp Starting torque 0 - 100% of line voltage or 0 - 600% of FLA Ramp time 1 to 120 seconds Current limit 200 - 600%

Dual Ramp Settings*

Four (4) programmable ramp options

Deceleration Adjustments
Begin decel level 0 - 100% of line voltage
Stop level 0 to 1% less than begin decel
Decel time 1 - 60 seconds

Jog Settings*
Voltage jog 5 - 100%

Kick Start Settings
Kick Voltaqe 10 - 100%
Kick start time 0.1 - 2 seconds

Programmable Output Relays
Protection 4 relays; 1 Form C (DPDT), 3 Form A (SPST NO)
A 240VAC max. (1200VA),
Individually programmable to 19 functions

Start & Run Protection
Two programmable overload trip curves allow for the thermal capacity required to start the load while providing motor overload protection needed during the run time.
Start: Programmable for Class 5 - 30
Run: Programmable for Class 5 - 30, enabled when starter detects motor is "At-Speed"
Reset: Manual or automatic, selectable via programming
The DXT Series recognizes motor cool-down rates are a function of the run time and that sometimes a motor will cool faster if allowed to run.

Standard Features

Phase Current Imbalance/Loss Protection
Electronic Shear Pin Protection
RTD Inputs (Optional)
Event History (60)
Starts-per-Hour Lockout Timer
Dual Ramp Settings
Kick Start Function
Jog Function

Metering Functions

Motor Load: Percent of FLA
Current Data: A, B, C Phase Current, Avg Current, Ground Fault
“Start Current Trending” *
Thermal Data: Remaining thermal register; thermal capacity to start
Start Data: Avg Start time, Avg Start Current, Measured Capacity to start, time since last start
RTD Data (Option): Temperature readings from up to 12 RTDs (6 stator RTDs)
Voltage Metering: V, KW, KVAR, PF, KWH, Demand
Motor Data (emailable)

*Via MLink Software
(E-mail directy from software or export to:

Retentive Thermal Memory

Overload circuit retains thermal condition of the motor regardless of control power status. Unit uses real time clock to adjust for off time

Dynamic Reset Capacity

Overload will not reset until thermal capacity in the motor is sufficient for a successful restart. Starter learns and retains this information from previous starts.

Phase Current Imbalance/Loss Protection
Imbalance trip level 5 - 30% current between any two phases Imbalance trip delay 1 - 20 seconds
Electronic Shear Pin Protection Shear pin trip level 100 - 300% of motor FLA Shear pin trip delay 1 - 20 seconds

Load Loss Trip Protection Under current trip level 10 - 90% of motor FLA Under current trip delay 1 - 60 seconds Coast Down (Back Spin) Lockout Timer Coast down time 1 - 60 minutes

Starts-per-Hour Lockout Timer
Starts-per-hour 1 - 10 successful starts per hour
Time between starts 1 - 60 min. between start attempts

Event History
Up to 60 events; data includes event, time, date and current for each phase and ground fault current at time of event
Ground Fault: Residual or Zero Sequence
RTD Inputs: Up to 12 RTD’s of any type with biasing or override protection curve